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Walk in Nature


Forest Bathing is a health-promoting, mindful, nature connecting practice that aims to enhance wellbeing, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation

Forest Bathing is an enjoyable and restorative practice that will help your team connect with nature to improve health and wellbeing.


Forest Bathing benefits can lead to increased productivity and focus, improved empathy, creative thinking, happiness and balance in the workplace to help your team thrive.


These sessions are ideal for businesses looking to treat their team to gentle walking, sitting meditations and ‘invitations’ – simple, guided practices to help you connect more deeply with yourself and nature.

Hands Together

Forest Bathing is a great engaging activity for teams

It is a very natural way of teambuilding, with team members getting to know each other in an entirely new way, and in a non-competitive, relaxed and organic atmosphere.


Forest bathing team events are great for strengthening the team spirit, relax, bringing new insights, helping to view challenges from a different angle and promote creative thinking, focus, mental clarity and a sense of wellbeing.

Forest Hammock

The practise of Forest Bathing
is a way of immersing our senses in the atmosphere of the forest for relaxation, positive health and wellbeing benefits.

Spending mindful time in nature can positively impact


Quiet Forest


Boost our immune systems by increasing our natural white blood cells that help fight off infections and other diseases

Reduce stress levels

Lower levels of blood pressure and lower heart rate

Accelerate recovery from illness


Increase Intuition


Better contact with yourself

and with nature

Sense of ones

Better clarity of life purpose


Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

Increase creativity and problem solving


Increase Focus

Strengthen our connection with the natural world, our sense of beauty, wonder and curiosity


Improve Emotional intelligence

Stabilise and



and cognition


Improving collaboration


connections with others


Getting to know colleagues better 

and in a completely

new way

Sense of belonging


more engagement

with the team


Deeper connection with the natural world

Fostering an emotional connection to the landscape

Encouraging giving back

to nature


"This experience is a must! Whether you are already at one with nature, or looking for a way to calm the busy mind, or just intrigued as to what this experience brings, I would highly recommend joining Katarina on one of her forest bathing events. Katrina ensures everybody enjoys this experience in their own way, there is no pressure to share your own feelings/experiences with others, or even to take part in any of the tasks/activities if you don't want to. This is a wonderful way to clear your mind, awaken the senses and take in the beautiful energies that nature offers. I can't wait to do this in the spring! Thank you Katrina <3"


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