In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks


John Muir


Go Forest Bathing

Relax Among Nature


Let me guide you with this simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply. 

Simply put, Forest Bathing is the practice of being mindful in the woods and taking it all in through our senses. At its core, it’s about connecting with nature – something that deep down we all know is good for us. 


Forest Bathing can help both adults and children de-stress, naturally boost health and Wellbeing and activate creativity.

Sitting on Rock

Live Holistic Wellbeing

Create a Wellbeing Plan

You Will Love

Reflect on all areas of  your life and create simple steps  to harmonise your  Wellbeing using a holistic approach.

Tree Communication



Kerriann Mackenzie

 Awaken and activate the Magic of

Tree Communication during 

 a 4-week online journey.

Discover joy, love, abundance, clarity and enrich your life with Magic.

Forest Road

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better


Albert Einstein


Nature is my top source when it comes to stress relief.

Follow these four simple steps to make your walk mindful and create deeper nature connections.



I am Forest Bathing Guide, Wellbeing Leader, Araretama Consultant, Mental Health First Aider, Outdoors  First Aider, Operational Team Leader, GIFEW member, LikeMind core team member, wife, daughter and sister.

I have been working in the Insurance Industry for ten years, past tree years leading Holistic Wellbeing strategy and raising awareness about mindfulness, mental health, conscious leadership and diversity.

I am collaborating with other extraordinary leaders and change-makers on various wellbeing projects.

My passion for nature connection, nature healing, and holistic Wellbeing are my key drivers in life.

I am on a mission to create a more profound connection to nature with the hope that we will protect what we love.



I love spending time in nature that provides a space for my reflection, wisdom, grounding and healing.

Cannot wait to take you to the forest and guide you through the wonderful practice of Forest Bathing.


I am a lucky parent of two beautiful retired Greyhounds that are my daily inspiration and masters of unconditional love.

I like to encourage greyhound adoption, share the cruelty of dog racing and supporting Greyhound Rescue Charities so even more greyhounds find forever homes.


Reconnecting with nature is key for the health of people and the planet



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Yasuhiro Priscilla Yokote

Teacher & Artist

Katarina helped me to see my stuck place from a totally new angle, and I feel for the first time that I have a glimpse of understanding into what happens to me when I feel fear. She
offered  tools to help me help myself move out of that fear into beginning to really recognize my own beauty and worth. For years I have studied about how to live a healthy life, but with all that information the bottom line is that if I don’t really feel worthy I won’t follow through with taking care of myself. What a shocker! And so true. My work with Katarina feels really deep without feeling threatening, and I am open and excited to practice the action steps we outlined together to re-craft, re-energize and re-new myself. To infuse myself with love for my very own existence.


Katherine Longhi

Chief Communications Officer

KKatarina Archer is an expert forest bathing guide. On her guided experience, you will relax and connect with nature in beneficial ways that you never thought possible. This isn't just a walk in the woods, it's a powerful journey of self-discovery. I can't recommend it enough for anyone who wants to find peace with themselves and have an exciting mini-adventure.


 Kawtar El Alaoui

Founder & CEO

From the moment I saw the playbook for the Wellbeing Session, I knew I was in for a beautiful experience. Katarina has a wonderful way of listening to you, mirroring what she hears, and allowing you to become clear about what's working and what needs to be adjusted. Her courage invites you to step into bold possibilities, and by the end of the session, you will have more clarity and motivation. I highly recommend this session if you would like to restore your Wellness.


 Stefan Bannach

Director, Catalys / Senior Consultant

Katarina has a well-structured and smart process, she believes in me and in my holistic wellness. She walks with me. That makes all the difference.



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