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It is essential that if you feel unwell or show coronavirus symptoms in the run-up to or on the day, you do not attend the session and notify your guide immediately by calling or texting. Should you feel unwell during the session, please notify your guide that you have to leave and return home immediately.

This session will be outside for its entirety. We ask that you maintain a 2-metre distance from fellow participants and facilitators throughout from the point of the meeting until the very end. Due to the nature of the session and its outdoor location, it is not mandatory to wear a face covering or mask provided that social distancing guidelines are adhered to. If you would feel more comfortable to wear a mask throughout the session, you are encouraged to do so. This may affect how you experience some of the invitations, but your safety and comfort are of extreme importance. Please make sure to bring your own mask with you and your own hand sanitiser as it will be difficult to wash your hands while we are outside. We will provide some hand sanitisers, but it is best if you bring your own where possible. Some 'invitations' may need to be modified to accommodate covid-19 guidelines, such as the final 'tea gathering'.



Your guide will guide you on a Forest Bathing walk, which is very gentle and covers approximately 1 mile. It will last approximately 1.5 hours. During this part of the session, your quide will offer you a series of 'invitations' to inspire ways of slowing down and connecting with our different senses and surroundings. Please be aware that you may feel the cold quicker as we slow down in this way and due to the time of year. It's essential that you dress appropriately for the weather so you can enjoy the session comfortably.


It is important to come well prepared for all weathers! Waterproofs,  lots of warm layers, comfortable and waterproof footwear (wellies would be a great idea at this time of year if you have them), a light backpack, a bottle of water, something to sit on like a small mat (a bin bag would suffice! - not essential but may be useful during some activities), journal/diary and pen/pencils (if you wish), and a flask of something warm to drink (if you wish), and just your simple presence and childlike curiosity!

Some 'invitations' may need to be modified to accommodate covid-19 guidelines, such as the final 'tea gathering'.

If you have any special health conditions, concerns you think we should be aware of to support you as a guide, or questions about the walk, please email us in advance of the session. 


Rain provides a great opportunity for sensory connection, so unless the weather is considered to be dangerous or cause dangerous trail conditions, the event will go ahead as expected if it rains.


Dogs are not allowed during the Forest Bathing experience except for guide or assistance dog.

Please let us know in advance if you will be accompanied by a guide or assistance dog.


 To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance.